We have many models to meet the hotel management needs:
FRONT Module: HNG: Hotix New Generation



  • Hotel Next Generation (HNG)

HNG includes all major global hotel chains and technology providers in order to find solutions for the new generation technology challenges for generating global business opportunities for the hospitality industry.

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    • Personalized management of all POS types
    • Management of services per POS : ex. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, ...
    • Rate management by POS, happy hours…
    • Discounts, surcharges, offers
    • Billing by table or ticket (with or without cutlery)
    • Multi-payment management

  • Management of all types of meal arrangement
    • including All-Inclusive
      • Magnetic / RFID Cards / Bracelets

    buying/ Stocks

    This module allows users to manage:

    • Orders: These can be automatically generated taking into account the minimum stock, the minimum to order and delivery quantity. This application is connected to the point of sale and holding of the stock in real time.
    • Deliveries and Returns: upon arrival of the goods, the commands are called and the delivery is confirmed.
    • Invoices: When the bill arrives, it is entered by enabling the delivery and the accounting statements for this operation will be supplied.
    • The inventories are possible at any time.
    • Analyses month-end: after entering the inventory, the following reports can be edited and analyzed: the consumption of the month per retail outlet, inputs and monthly sales, stock rotation, etc.



    Payroll Human Resource Management

      Human resource management is not an economic sector but a cross function which all businesses need. Manage social relationships, enhance careers, recruit good profiles are all determining factors for the success of a company, which not only require strong professional and human skills, but also a powerful tool respondents all needs, which offer HRM.

      • Attendance clock and schedule management Software interfaced with payroll
        • Messaging Management
        • Advanced statistics
        • Web interface for leave requests, tasks and permissions

          • Fingerprint registration Module
          • Equipment:
            • Biometric Attendance clock and access control
            • Biometric Attendance clock and access control with a radio frequency module
            • Biometric Attendance clock and access control with a radio frequency module and face Recognition




        • HOTIX

        It is a Hotel Management Software designed and developed by Hotix. An integrated solution and completely modular for all categories of host institutions (Groups, hotel chains and independent).
        It is validated by business men in order to satisfy all functionality Hotels needs.